Apr. 25th, 2005

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[Entry is hit with the retcon wave... tossing out most of Waspy's nightmares after the sugar buzz would still leave him looking for Forte, but not quite so frantically]

Waspinator is home... found note from Crab-bot saying Crab-bot fed little lizard-bot.

Waspinator is worried...

Waspinator went to party with Friend-bot. Friend-bot went to talk to someone, and Waspinator got lost in party. Then Waspinator talked to nice femme-bot who gave Waspinator strange drink...

Waspinator not remember most of rest of evening...

But when Waspinator wake up, was in medbay. And Waspinator have bad feeling Friend-bot in danger... Waspinator hope is just bad dream, so Waspinator went looking.

And Waspinator find Friend-bot's helmet in room where strange drinks were... but not find Friend-bot...

Waspinator not think Friend-bot would leave helmet behind unless something happen to Friend-bot.

Can't be what Waspinator have bad dreams about... Even with strange Nexus... Maximals... couldn't have taken Friend-bot... could they?

Waspinator not see any Maximals in Nexus, but Waspinator not want them to... do things to Friend-bot.

Waspinator has to find Friend-bot, but Waspinator not sure where to look...

And if Maximals have Friend-bot... Waspinator will scrap Maximals...

Wait... Waspinator remember... Fish-bot has LJ... Fish-bot not been in Nexus that Waspinator know of, but... Waspinator will find out.

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