Apr. 29th, 2005

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[Retconning again... in this case it's tricky. Some of the wording shows already that Waspy was thinking of Forte as a 'best friend', so that needs discounted, tho the reactions would stay the same I think since he'd mention missing Terrorsaur. Maybe he should mention friends, plural, instead of just Forte as part of the tone-down as there are other people he's met thanks to the Nexus]

Is new day... Waspinator should work on nest today. Crab-bot sent some things in a box for Waspinator.

Waspinator wonder where Crab-bot found CDs of Earth music... was dangerous to be caught with those on Cybertron. Council would be very upset... Earth stuff was illegal. But then, Crab-bot never been to Cybertron, that Waspinator know of.

Waspinator not really feel like working on nest today... Too many memories last night. Makes Waspinator want to go back to sleep, forget for a while...

Waspinator dream of flying... Maybe Waspinator should go flying, but... is not the same alone. Alone better than flying with Ant-bot though. Ant-bot not know how to have fun when flying.

Dactyl-bot liked to play... when us not on missions, anyway. Waspinator was always faster, but Waspinator is not fast for long. If we play for a long time, Dactyl-bot eventually catch Waspinator. Sometimes Waspinator let Dactyl-bot catch Waspinator... Dactyl-bot liked to win, and Waspinator didn't care.

Maybe Waspinator should visit Friend-bot. Friend-bot likes to blow things up. Waspinator agrees. Is fun. Maybe Waspinator can find explosives in salvage. Or ask Crab-bot. And find plants to put in holes...

Friend-bot reminds Waspinator of Dactyl-bot sometimes. But Dactyl-bot is gone... Friend-bot and Dactyl-bot are alike sometimes, but different too.

No two people ever really alike. Waspinator wonder if Car-bot not understand that last night when Car-bot said Waspinator didn't have to be alone anymore. People can't be replaced... nobody could ever replace Dactyl-bot...

But is nice to have a friend again...

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