May. 16th, 2005

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[Ok, pretty much all of this covers Waspy's careful consideration before accepting the possibility of a fere relation with Forte. Which due to the events is what is getting removed...

Waspy would NOT have been present for the fight with Zero, and the conversation with Steadfast would not have taken place (a shame, since it's such a nice scene...)

The stuff involving the rabbits is ok, but Waspy should not be present for the events involving the hooker-bot attacking Forte, as it would have been acting like a fere for him to intervene, and so he would not have rescued Forte

This means he wouldn't have met Roll again (yet) and the conversation about the meaning of the word 'robot' wouldn't have happened either. At least that scene doesn't affect much.]

Waspinator has been very confused.

So many things happen, and Waspinator has had much to think about.

Friend-bot was in fight... was single-combat challenge from Red-bot that is Friend-bot's brother.

Friend-bot needed repairs, so went to visit Friend-bot's father again.

Waspinator was feeling very confused, and... Blue-bot tried to help, Waspinator thinks, but... Blue-bot is not Predacon. Or Decepticon. Is hard to explain some things.

Waspinator try to sleep when Waspinator get home, but that not help. Waspinator only think of one who might understand, so Waspinator visit purple femme-bot who was here before.

After that, was easier for Waspinator to sleep. When Waspinator wake up again, Waspinator was hungry, so went hunting. Caught rabbits. Waspinator go into Nexus to ask for how to cook rabbits, and also ask what quail are.

Cat-bot Waspinator meet in Nexus help Waspinator to cook rabbits. Waspinator has put result in subspace. Is no time in subspace, least Waspinator not think so... Waspinator has put plants in subspace before and later would still be ok, even if Waspinator forget for weeks...

Then Waspinator go back to Nexus to take Cat-bot back, and then Waspinator look around for a bit. And Waspinator see something that make Waspinator mad. Friend-bot was being attacked by strange femme-bot. And other little human-looking fleshie-bots like Friend-bot were watching and laughing.

Friend-bot did not even have armor on. Was something wrong with it, because Friend-bot was stuck in fleshie-bot clothes. Waspinator did not think was funny at all. And was not single combat challenge, so Waspinator did not have to stay out of it.

Friend-bot teleported us away from crazy femme-bot. And when us get there, Waspinator sees other crazy femme-bot... the one that hit Waspinator and Friend-bot with frying pan. Blond femme-bot uses very bad language too. But at least finally apologize for frying pan...

Now Waspinator is home for a while. Waspinator has barely had time to think at all.

Thinking is not something Waspinator is good at, Waspinator know this. But... purple femme-bot was right.

Waspinator will try not to be afraid anymore. Will try not to think of future.

Decision is already made...

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