May. 27th, 2005

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[This WOULD NOT OCCUR. If Forte did bother to return after getting rid of the sword, anyone in not close to a fere relation approacting, Waspinator would have immediately hidden being upset, and likely stored the sword as well. If pressed on the matter he would have said no more than that swords as a gift have meaning to Cybertron culture and such a gift from someone who did not understand would be an insult. Playing with explosives would not have happened, nor any of the events leading to Reploid!Waspy]

(this is for right after the previous post... after Harpuia and Steadfast have both left, restricted for now to just Waspy and Forte ;) )

*is sitting in the floor in the small cave that branches off to the left of the main room of his 'nest'. The room itself is lit by the glow of a contained plasma fire, behind a glasslike shield, at one end of the room, a naturally occuring shelf down one wall contains an assortment of tiny figurines. Waspinator is taking no notice of the entrance to the small cave, and from his posture and drooped wings seems to be crying silently. He's holding something, but what is not immediately visible on entering the room*

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