Jun. 13th, 2005

bw_waspy: (Reploid)
[Again, without Forte, none of the Reploid!Waspy stuff would have taken place... sorry folks]

Waspinator is in his cave, as usual. He repaired the Predacon computer with the parts taken from Tarantulas' lair and is now getting the computer to explain to him just how difficult it will be to repair the CR tank.

On top of that worry, he was still adapting to his new form. As strange... and almost scandalous... as it was to look so much like a human, he was starting to realise there were some advantages. He no longer had bouts of vertigo from gyrostabilizer disruption every time he teleported. The smaller size meant he could get into more areas of the cave system he was living in than he could previously.

There were differences in tactile senses too... While that was a bit useful when working on repairs, he had the bad feeling that being injured would be more uncomfortable in this form.

He pushed his hair out of his face... and giggled. He could get used to this... He shook his head and frowned at the thought. That... might not be a good thing.

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