Aug. 20th, 2005

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*Waspinator is busy trying to sort out parts of the cave. It doesn't help that he's not a very organized person... but he needs to make sure there's at least a decent security system and other measures for if any of the Maximals from the Nexus find their way here*

[Yeah, I finally got all the retcon notes added to posts. The thing that will affect the most other players is that I had to drop the whole Reploid!Waspy thing ever happening... I hated having to do that, it was fun and cute, and was letting me play around with having Waspy's memories slowly return... but *sighs* Well, what can you do. If anyone sees something that it woud affect their charas too much to drop, just leave me a note and maybe we can try to work out a way for said event to still happen... I tried to be as careful as I could with this, since I couldn't see anything else to do]

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