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((Ok, I've been asked 'where's Waspy, we miss him' enough that I feel it's about time I put a note here...

There's a problem. Due to OOC circumstances with another player that are beyond my control, Waspinator as he currently is cannot be played. This is due to my being unable to find a way out of or around the seriousness of fere/swordbonding in TF culture as portrayed in previous RPs.

I'd like suggestions on how to fix this so I can continue playing with Waspy... Right now, the only solutions I see are:

1. Scratch/Retcon everything... and I mean EVERYTHING I've done with Waspy, as he met Forte fairly early on in his time on Sages. This, I don't really want to do, as there have been some times when he was crucial to other RPs (for example, getting that tracking device out of Quint...)

2. Try to untangle it and just say "Waspy Never Met Forte, but Everything Else Happened" and attempt to sort out which events would not have occured. This could be tricky as heck, not just for me but for everyone with a chara that has interacted with Waspy... which is why I'd love some feedback on this mess

3. Drop Waspy as a chara. This I do NOT want to do, especially with the feeling that the situation with Waspy is an attempt to railroad/blackmail me into dropping another chara (long story) :P

Anyone have any other suggestions? The only fic I can think of that involved breaking a fere relation was something I read once that implied heavily it would lead to a bitter feud over the 'betrayal'... and that's not an option either.))
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