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[This whole event would not have happened]

Roses are blooming. Are fresh berries. Caught rabbits this morning. Dactyl-bot is out flying. Is nice sunny day...

Only thing that could make day better would be seeing Forte, and maybe nice storm... Waspinator and Forte and Terrorsaur could play storm tag!

Waspinator is happy...

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Jul. 2nd, 2005 09:10 pm
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I Support The 'Free Pepper' Campaign

...which believes that a 20-year old woman should have the freedom to choose what she does in her spare time.

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[This would be mostly the same, except again, no Reploid!Waspy. Also since no Reploid!Waspy, the glitches would not be getting better and Waspy would still be using nicknames for everyone]

*Waspinator is in his cave, chatting away with Terrorsaur, trying to explain the events of the last five or so years...*
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[This would be mostly the same, except again, no Reploid!Waspy. Also since no Reploid!Waspy, the glitches would not be getting better and Waspy would still be using nicknames for everyone]

Waspinator did not sleep long. Had nightmares. Bad this time.

Waspinator is waiting. Waspinator.. does not know what to expect. Does not know how to explain.

Waspinator does not know anything.

Waspinator has seen how Nexus is. Different people from different times and universes. Other versions of people... but not the same. Like Crab-bot that Waspinator knows now. Is not same Crab-bot, because that one is gone. But Waspinator not mind that so much....

Different Terrorsaur, though... Waspinator mind that Very Much. Would hurt too much...

But.. what if... what if is the same? Was burned when fell into Nexus... burned from falling in lava. Looks like is Transmetal now. Maybe... never died after all. Just... came here.

Waspinator had... had started to.. accept that Waspinator would not see Dactyl-bot again. Asked Glow-bot about Dactyl-bot once...

And now Dactyl-bot might be back. Might not. Might be different, might be the same...

Waspinator is so confused...
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[This would be mostly te same, except again, no Reploid!Waspy. Also since no Reploid!Waspy, the glitches would not be getting better and Waspy would still be using nicknames for everyone]

*Waspinator teleports into the rose garden/yard outside of his cave... bringing Ratchet with him. The entrance to the cave is big enough to drive into... he's had Kaci visit before... He'd already deactivated the security system via remote commlink command so that it wouldn't mistake Ratchet for a Maximal.*
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[This would be the same except, again, no Reploid!Waspy]

*Waspinator is tidying his cave, and making sure the security system is working well just in case any Maximals should find his cave, when the computer starts beeping insistantly. It's not an alarm this time... he's fixed it so it won't do that again... but it does mean that there is another recognized energy signature in the Nexus. He sighs.*

Computer... Identify signature...

Predacon Energy Signatures detected in Sages Nexus. Units Scorponok and Terrorsaur identified.
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[By this point, Waspy hasn't seen Forte likely since the storm tag game, isn't fere with him, and wouldn't really give a slag if he got scrapped... so he wouldn't go looking for him or bring him to put him in CR.
The Maximals showing up would have still happened, but Waspy would still not be a reploid, and Forte would not be present at all]

*Waspinator teleported back into his cave and rushed to the rebuilt CR, too frightened to be more than faintly thankful that he was no longer slowed down by teleport-related vertigo*

*quietly* Please be ok, Friend-bot... *places Forte in the CR gently*


Jun. 22nd, 2005 03:12 pm
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[Again, no Reploid!Waspy *sigh*]

CR is fixed now, but... Waspinator is... not sure if Waspinator wants to change back.

Maybe should talk to Friend-bot about this... but Waspinator has not seen Friend-bot...

Friend-bot was supposed to help Waspinator, but has not been around. Friend-bot would not have lied to Waspinator...
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[Again, without Forte, none of the Reploid!Waspy stuff would have taken place... sorry folks.

One big problem there is that without that, the CR wouldn't be broken. And if the CR isn't broken it makes a huge blooper here in not using it to remove the tracking device or repair damage. So... the easiest way I can think of to fix this is that the CR got broken sometime just before this in one of Waspy's usual mishaps, but not one bad enough to do any damage to Waspy. Just something to where it'll take him a few days and looking in the Nexus for parts to fix the thing, and have it down at a bad time.]

Waspinator still hasn't fixed CR... computer is ok now though...
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[The quiz would be the same, but the hooker thing wouldn't have happened and Waspy wouldn't have been a reploid...]

Waspinator hasn't done quiz in a while... here is new one!

You Are Opium!
You like to have fun and enjoy life. Reeeeeally enjoy life. If it isn't fast, loud, or extreme forget it. You value friendship and are loyal and will not hesiste to go off if someone crosses you.

What Naughty My Little Pony Are You?

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[Again, without Forte, none of the Reploid!Waspy stuff would have taken place... sorry folks]

Waspinator Is Not Amused...

((please respond to linked post, not this one, as Waspy is there, not home...))
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[Again, without Forte, none of the Reploid!Waspy stuff would have taken place... sorry folks]

Waspinator is in his cave, as usual. He repaired the Predacon computer with the parts taken from Tarantulas' lair and is now getting the computer to explain to him just how difficult it will be to repair the CR tank.

On top of that worry, he was still adapting to his new form. As strange... and almost scandalous... as it was to look so much like a human, he was starting to realise there were some advantages. He no longer had bouts of vertigo from gyrostabilizer disruption every time he teleported. The smaller size meant he could get into more areas of the cave system he was living in than he could previously.

There were differences in tactile senses too... While that was a bit useful when working on repairs, he had the bad feeling that being injured would be more uncomfortable in this form.

He pushed his hair out of his face... and giggled. He could get used to this... He shook his head and frowned at the thought. That... might not be a good thing.
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[Without Forte, none of the Reploid!Waspy stuff would have taken place, the scene with FANGS would have gone a bit different, and best if Forte just didn't show up]

*Waspinator is cleaning his cave, which is a mess after the recent explosion. Along one wall he's managed to sort out the pieces of the CR chamber, the pieces of his old body, and the fallen rocks into piles. Now he's working on fixing remaining damage to the Predacon computer as best he can with the parts he has in salvage...*

(Yeah, he's clear for company now, folks ;) )
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[This involves Swordgift and WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.]

*once the rest of the company had left, Waspinator went back into his cave...*

((note: this needs to be kept to Waspy and Forte for now... ;) Somethin a bit overdue to deal with))
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[Without Forte, none of the Reploid!Waspy stuff would have taken place]

Waspinator teleported back to his cave/nest, moments after Forte appeared. Both were carrying armloads of stuff that had been cleaned out of Waspinator's subspace storage... which he could no longer use in his current form.

(this comes after this... and will be continued whenever other RPs slow down enough to allow it. Time has no meaning, Yay!)
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[This WOULD NOT OCCUR. If Forte did bother to return after getting rid of the sword, anyone in not close to a fere relation approacting, Waspinator would have immediately hidden being upset, and likely stored the sword as well. If pressed on the matter he would have said no more than that swords as a gift have meaning to Cybertron culture and such a gift from someone who did not understand would be an insult. Playing with explosives would not have happened, nor any of the events leading to Reploid!Waspy]

(this is for right after the previous post... after Harpuia and Steadfast have both left, restricted for now to just Waspy and Forte ;) )

*is sitting in the floor in the small cave that branches off to the left of the main room of his 'nest'. The room itself is lit by the glow of a contained plasma fire, behind a glasslike shield, at one end of the room, a naturally occuring shelf down one wall contains an assortment of tiny figurines. Waspinator is taking no notice of the entrance to the small cave, and from his posture and drooped wings seems to be crying silently. He's holding something, but what is not immediately visible on entering the room*
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[Ok, the stuff with Steadfast and Harpuia would remain pretty much the same, as Waspy would still not like the possible cheating... though he wouldn't be quite as upset about it as he would be if he was considering Forte as fere. Still, the sword would have remained an accidental insult. However, Forte can take it and leave I guess... or if he returns as in the next post Waspinator would immediately hide being upset and not discuss the matter]

*Waspinator is still asleep after the game of storm tag, unaware that Forte woke up and left earlier. He's still damaged from the game, his wings torn and singed, and his wasp-mode legs missing.*
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[Storm tag would still have happened, but tone down Waspy's friendliness just a notch. Also he wouldn't have been as upset at the end of the game, since he wouldn't be considering Forte as probable fere]

(Storm Tag!! (see here))
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[Without certain bits of history near-repeating, Waspy would not have regained the memory that bothers him here, so this entry is pretty much gone now. He could still have met Harpuia tho]

Waspinator likes roses. Roses remind Waspinator of Dactyl-bot. Red roses...

Roses look pretty. Look... delicate.

But roses have thorns. Dactyl-bot's creator forget that...

Things happen lately... Things with Friend-bot's creator. Things that make Waspinator remember...

Waspinator does not want to remember these things... bad things...

Waspinator went to visit Friend-bot... was hoping to do something, so not have to remember. But... Waspinator thinks Friend-bot wants to be alone for now...

So Waspinator is alone...

Waspinator told Friend-bot that Friend-bot could stay with Waspinator if he wants to. Told Dactyl-bot the same once... Dactyl-bot used to have family problems too.

But not after that...

Roses have thorns...


May. 18th, 2005 08:49 am
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OOC Memes and thoughts:
A meme before a nap... and while waiting for the RP in the previous post to unfreeze. Is everyone waiting on something? Waspinator's no strategist, folks...

On another note, I keep picturing one of two things from this
1: They go in, and, due to a string of sheer bad luck, Waspy gets totally pwned by Mets of all things...

2: The rescue party heads out, only to encounter Blues on his way out after escaping...

And the meme:
What is your Transformers team? by Anonymous_Iggy
Man behind the curtaingiri_guy
Constantly tries to take overkaci_celica
Likes fighting a bit too much...juju_hugs
Always screws up missionsdr_al_w
Good-natured doclavender_wings
The dumb oneraisedbymoogles
Your Japanese equivalentashudastampedo
Fanfic love interestmega_cartoon
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