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2006-01-26 10:42 am

(no subject)

Waspinator sees stupid Ant-bot in Nexus. If Ant-bot follows Waspinator home, Waspinator will not be happy.
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2006-01-17 11:49 pm

(another RP thread ;) )

*Waspinator is in the cave entrance, in wasp mode, watching the snow fall*

Oooo... Waspinator likes pretty snowflakes...
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2006-01-04 05:25 am

(RP thread if needed)

*It's just another boring day on Prehistoric Earth. There's snow. Terrorsaur's complaining of the cold and refusing to leave the cave - ironic considering his usual claustrophobia. And Waspinator has more target practice drones, but no inclination to use them.*

*It's really hard to heat a cave.*
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2005-12-22 11:53 pm

((RP Thread))

((Sorry about the delay. Busy here. Now there's somewhere to take Forte to if you want to play that out :) ))
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2005-10-28 03:01 am

((RP Thread, Waspinator's Cave))

*It's autumn here now, and the large rose garden is still stubbornly in bloom even though the leaves have changed color. The weather is clear and the sky blue with only a few wispy white clouds. Sometimes prehistoric Earth can be simply beautiful. But who has time to stop and look some days?*
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2005-10-13 04:09 am

RP Post - Going Hunting :)

*Waspinator makes sure to pick up a clip of ammo for his gun that contains ammo shells that lack their normal dose of cybervenom. Not only is it pointless to waste it on organics when the empty shells are capable of killing most of the things on this planet, but it could also taint the meat and spoil dinner.*
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2005-10-07 09:17 pm


Waspinator and Dactyl-bot going to DJ at party! :D
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2005-09-20 07:22 am


((Cute Waspy and Terry pic! (passed along by Leader1-mun.. danke! :) ))
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2005-09-10 08:42 pm

(no subject)

*Waspinator is happily trying different kinds of low-sugar cookies and storing them away in containers. For the most part he's left his current guests alone... one is still unconcious and the other doesn't seem in much of a mood to talk*
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2005-09-10 12:54 am

RP Thread

*Waspinator is outside the cave, pruning back the rose bushes*
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2005-09-05 11:51 am

(no subject)





Waspinator will try to rememeber this.
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2005-08-30 10:41 am

(rp thread)

*Waspinator has been in his garden, tidying up, pruning back a few plants, and gathering up the fallen pieces of target practice drones*
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2005-08-21 07:58 pm

(no subject)

Waspinator asked for help for security system for cave. Talked to Lizard-bot... Waspinator does not mind him so much now. Rat-bot also showed up though. Waspinator does not trust Rat-bot.
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2005-08-20 01:08 am

[Finally, done...]

*Waspinator is busy trying to sort out parts of the cave. It doesn't help that he's not a very organized person... but he needs to make sure there's at least a decent security system and other measures for if any of the Maximals from the Nexus find their way here*

[Yeah, I finally got all the retcon notes added to posts. The thing that will affect the most other players is that I had to drop the whole Reploid!Waspy thing ever happening... I hated having to do that, it was fun and cute, and was letting me play around with having Waspy's memories slowly return... but *sighs* Well, what can you do. If anyone sees something that it woud affect their charas too much to drop, just leave me a note and maybe we can try to work out a way for said event to still happen... I tried to be as careful as I could with this, since I couldn't see anything else to do]
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2005-08-19 10:19 pm

(no subject)

((Ok... as far as I can tell the only way to fix the mess I've been left with, without causing more of a mess, is to go over every entry in Waspy's journal and retcon or tone down most of the events involving Forte so that they would never have become fere, and would have eventually just drifted apart. A complete recon would throw too many other people's charas and RPs off, and I'm not that immature about my roleplaying to do stuff like that.

Any IC solution I can think of would lead to years of in-chara wangst that I don't want to play through. Waspy's glitches are NOT bad enough to make him forget months of events... the initial damage wiped long-term memories, the glitches themselves just affect what parts of his memory were already damaged and makes it hard for him to learn names and things like that. Even if he did forget, someone would remind him. Or he would ask about the other sword.

This isn't going to be easy to fix, so till I sort out what did/didn't happen with hopefully as little damage to other chara interactions as possible, the IC excuse for Waspy's absence is that he's trying to get Terrorsaur used to the Wasp-cave and fixing the cave up some more...))
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2005-08-16 01:58 am

AN OOC NOTE (Help Appriciated...)

((Ok, I've been asked 'where's Waspy, we miss him' enough that I feel it's about time I put a note here...

There's a problem. Due to OOC circumstances with another player that are beyond my control, Waspinator as he currently is cannot be played. This is due to my being unable to find a way out of or around the seriousness of fere/swordbonding in TF culture as portrayed in previous RPs.

I'd like suggestions on how to fix this so I can continue playing with Waspy... Right now, the only solutions I see are:

1. Scratch/Retcon everything... and I mean EVERYTHING I've done with Waspy, as he met Forte fairly early on in his time on Sages. This, I don't really want to do, as there have been some times when he was crucial to other RPs (for example, getting that tracking device out of Quint...)

2. Try to untangle it and just say "Waspy Never Met Forte, but Everything Else Happened" and attempt to sort out which events would not have occured. This could be tricky as heck, not just for me but for everyone with a chara that has interacted with Waspy... which is why I'd love some feedback on this mess

3. Drop Waspy as a chara. This I do NOT want to do, especially with the feeling that the situation with Waspy is an attempt to railroad/blackmail me into dropping another chara (long story) :P

Anyone have any other suggestions? The only fic I can think of that involved breaking a fere relation was something I read once that implied heavily it would lead to a bitter feud over the 'betrayal'... and that's not an option either.))
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2005-08-05 03:59 am

[Retcon: Details]

[This would be mostly the same, except again, no Reploid!Waspy. Also since no Reploid!Waspy, the glitches would not be getting better and Waspy would still be using nicknames for everyone]

Waspinator has been... very busy. Exploring new parts of cave Waspinator can reach, and fixing more up like rooms now. Is... strange having Terrorsaur back, even though Waspinator missed him. Had been a long time... Waspinator had... maybe accepted Dactyl-bot was gone, and then Dactyl-bot is not.

Dactyl-bot still does not like enclosed spaces though. So is looking for places near cave to make nest with windows so will not feel closed in.

Waspinator is still not sure what to do about current form...
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2005-07-11 06:31 am

[Retcon: Details]

[This would be mostly the same, except again, no Reploid!Waspy. Also since no Reploid!Waspy, the glitches would not be getting better and Waspy would still be using nicknames for everyone]

Waspinator knows Starscream and Blackarachnia did something while Waspinator was possessed.... Waspinator does not like Spider-bot...
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2005-07-09 02:12 am

[RETCON; details]

[This would be mostly the same, except again, no Reploid!Waspy. Also since no Reploid!Waspy, the glitches would not be getting better and Waspy would still be using nicknames for everyone]

Are lots of Predacons in Nexus now. Waspinator even see Lizard-bot, from time before Lizard-bot died.

Saw... another Dactyl-bot too. Was... disturbing, but not so bad as would have been if Terrorsaur was still.. gone.