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2005-05-08 04:27 am


[Yeah, here's a big one... Waspy would still have taken Forte for repairs. He would have stayed for a while and chatted with Dr. Wily, because the silly bug does tend to like company.

Some of his thoughts about Forte would need toned down but since that wasn't spoken out loud shouldn't affect any other reactions.

He likely still would have been curious about Forte's hair, but he would not have spent the night there to make sure Forte would be ok. He would have returned to his cave.

Forte would have woke up alone, the conversation the next morning woud not have happened, and Forte would not have been shown the notes on Waspy's memories.

Waspinator would not be present for the later fight with Zero. Zero would have had to take Forte for repairs, Waspinator would not know about the incident. This also means the conversation he had with Steadfast about fere relations would not have happened, as he would not be considering it.]

Waspinator needs a break...

Waspinator went to visit Friend-bot... but Friend-bot was sick. Friend-bot was drunk...

Waspinator get to teleport... went to Friend-bot's creator's place, so Friend-bot could get repairs.

While Friend-bot was sleeping, Waspinator talk to Friend-bot's creator. Let him scan Waspinator's glitches... Waspinator thought he would look at datatrax errors, but saw some of Waspinator's memories.

Waspinator does not know what to think of that. Memories are private, even ones Waspinator does not remember. Waspinator... would tell Friend-bot. Maybe some others. But is not the same as someone just looking...

After that, Waspinator and Friend-bot talk for a while... and then Friend-bot was challeged to fight by Friend-bot's brother... Waspinator stay back, because was challenge. Waspinator wanted to help Friend-bot, but Waspinator knows that would be insult.

And now Waspinator is home... Waspinator is very tired... Waspinator will sleep now.
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2005-05-08 07:09 pm

[Retcon: Deleted Event]

[retcon: as mentioned before, Waspy would not have been present for the fight with Zero... It's also best if he's not around to rescue Forte from the hooker, as he would not be close enough to Forte to consider fighting for him without considering it as he did there... he was behaving too much as a fere would.]

Is morning. Waspinator feel better after nap, but is hungry. Waspinator will go hunting, and then maybe check Nexus, and then go visit Friend-bot.

Waspinator has to go hunting. Is only way to get food here, except for what others bring Waspinator. Crab-bot bring cookies sometimes. And pizza. Waspinator is lucky Beast Warriors can eat organic food... And hunting is fun...

Waspinator also need to catch enough this time to take some to Friend-bot's father. Waspinator should maybe ask Sages what 'quail' are... Waspinator does not know.

((note: some of the RPs are gettin a bit hard to keep in order, but I'm figurin this, and the post the Wasp is about to make on Sages, are before he rescues Forte from the attentions of the hooker-bot, and probably after the fight with Zero, as I already had him mention it in the last post))