Apr. 21st, 2005

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Someone on Sages board ([community profile] sages_of_chaos) said Waspinator have bad luck because Waspinator do bad things.

Is not true! Waspinator is a good Predacon. Waspinator not hurt anyone except Maximals...

Waspinator not remember Cybertron too well. Just pieces. But Waspinator remember enough. Waspinator was sick of things the Council did to Predacons. So was Dactyl-bot...

Only Dactyl-bot had jet mode then... Aerosoar... and Waspinator was helicoptor... Whisper...

Waspinator miss Dactyl-bot. Waspinator and Dactyl-bot friends for a long time. Waspinator not remember how long. Dactyl-bot was only Predacon on Earth who knew Waspinator before though...

Waspinator not want to think of before. Dactyl-bot said Waspinator was different before, but Maximals said Whisper was a bad Predacon, and they fixed him... Now Whisper is gone... and Dactyl-bot is gone. Now is just Waspinator... and Waspinator is forever, like Crab-bot and Ancient-bot...

Waspinator wish Dactyl-bot had been forever too...

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