Apr. 22nd, 2005

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Waspinator have SO much fun yesterday. Waspinator follow new Friend-bot ([profile] mega_cartoon) home from Nexus ([community profile] sages_of_chaos)

Not too good at first, because evil femmebot hit Waspinator and Friend-bot with frying pan. Waspinator was worried, but Friend-bot is ok now.

When Friend-bot better, us talk some, and plant flowers. Waspinator spend this morning looking for more flowers to plant, and maybe some other things.

Waspinator still surprised that Waspinator not fall apart once at all yesterday. Even when evil femmebot hit Waspinator, Waspinator not lose any pieces! One bug wing and two legs a bit loose, but is fixed now, and nothing fall off...

Oh... New Friend-bot's name is Forte. Reminds me of Dactyl-bot sometimes...
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(Meanwhile, at Waspy's cave...)
((note: this is right after this))
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*sigh* Waspinator spend more time in CR tank than anywhere else. This time, it because stupid ancient-bot with bunny helmet ([personal profile] firstlieutenant) shoot Waspinator.

Is NOT Waspinator's fault Waspinator has glitches and forget names. Waspinator can't think of other name for Bunny-bot that Waspinator can remember.

Waspinator even have trouble remembering Dactyl-bot's name, but Dactyl-bot understood...

Friend-bot ([profile] mega_cartoon) and scary Crab-bot ([profile] psychocrab) put Waspinator in CR this time.

Waspinator is upset. Waspinator wake up today and just want to go plant things with Friend-bot. Spend all morning looking for things to plant... Stupid Bunny-bot.

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