Jun. 29th, 2005

bw_waspy: (Reploid)
[This would be mostly the same, except again, no Reploid!Waspy. Also since no Reploid!Waspy, the glitches would not be getting better and Waspy would still be using nicknames for everyone]

Waspinator did not sleep long. Had nightmares. Bad this time.

Waspinator is waiting. Waspinator.. does not know what to expect. Does not know how to explain.

Waspinator does not know anything.

Waspinator has seen how Nexus is. Different people from different times and universes. Other versions of people... but not the same. Like Crab-bot that Waspinator knows now. Is not same Crab-bot, because that one is gone. But Waspinator not mind that so much....

Different Terrorsaur, though... Waspinator mind that Very Much. Would hurt too much...

But.. what if... what if is the same? Was burned when fell into Nexus... burned from falling in lava. Looks like is Transmetal now. Maybe... never died after all. Just... came here.

Waspinator had... had started to.. accept that Waspinator would not see Dactyl-bot again. Asked Glow-bot about Dactyl-bot once...

And now Dactyl-bot might be back. Might not. Might be different, might be the same...

Waspinator is so confused...

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